Some tips for becoming a good security guard

Today’s security industry offers many types of positions. With so many possibilities, each midshipman can become a security guard, patrol officer, dog handler, fire safety officer, surveillance operator, store inspector or airport security officer. This profession is at the top of the list of the most hiring sectors in France. If you are one of those looking to excel in this industry, here are some tips to follow!

Getting the right training

Becoming a security guard is not as simple as waking up one morning and submitting a resume. You have to take a training course and obtain diplomas. The CAP (vocational training certificate) for prevention and security agents and the MC (vocational training certificate) for security in areas open to the public are the first basic diplomas to be obtained. You will then have to take a Professional Baccalaureate in Prevention and Security or a Professional Certificate in Technical Prevention and Security. A level bac+2 or bac+3 allows you to obtain a DUT in hygiene, environmental safety or a permit for the safety of goods and people. Thereafter, it is quite possible to access professional qualifications for other job titles, such as certified remote security operator, certified fire safety officer, police dog operator, receptionist and other possible refinements.

Make sure you meet all the requirements

To be recruited as a security guard, you must be of legal age, i.e. at least 18 years old. Security guards embody safety, calmness and serenity and must have absolutely no criminal record. Security guards must also hold a CNAPS professional card, which must be obtained from the prefect. Other specific professional qualifications recognized by national collective agreements are also valid. Note that there is no height requirement to work in this industry.

Make sure you have all the required qualifications

In order to perform their duties in an optimal manner, security personnel must possess several qualities. The first requirement is health. Security personnel must be in good physical condition to perform their duties. Security must be a calm person, able to remain calm and patient in any situation. Vigilance is also an essential quality in the performance of the duties of a security guard. Good judgment, observation and stress resistance are very necessary. Security personnel are often faced with emergencies and must have a sense of autonomy and responsibility. In addition to good written and spoken words, a good presentation and a smile are also important assets.

Psychologically, security guards must be good conversationalists and excellent negotiators in order to resolve dangerous situations quickly. Finally, the value of a job, whether it is for a security guard or otherwise, is confirmed by his or her ability to respect the rules and follow instructions.

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