How to keep your store safe: 10 tips to follow

Today, at the point of sale in stores, the number of violations noted each day is constantly increasing. This is called shrinkage and shoplifting. The resulting loss is enormous, which is not conducive to the development of the company. Therefore, in order to compensate for the resulting loss of profitability, companies engaged in commercial activities must focus on the strategic level of security. To do this, their first task was to find the answer to the question, namely: How to secure the site? To do this, you must first diagnose the existing security and then look for solutions to establish a global security policy.

Existing security diagnostics

A security dimension must generally be considered upstream of any company’s investment project. However, the reality is quite different! The latter only intends to remedy the shortcomings identified after many unfortunate events.

For this, they will study the existence of the physical plane. This includes defining whether the type of property to be protected is a retail outlet, a warehouse, an office… we do not protect simple commercial premises such as shopping centers. The size of the space to be protected is an important criterion. Similarly, repositories require different scopes of resources to be deployed. Finally, offices containing sensitive information and valuable equipment will be specially protected.

The company will then develop an existing list of human-level safety actions. Was she using a key security asset represented by a private security company? Does it train all human resources in fire protection standards? More generally, is the use of force for human surveillance maximized?

Finally, the last point a company should consider is the adequacy of its security equipment, such as camera surveillance, to the changing theft practices and local environment.

The information generated by this analysis will help find sustainable solutions to the risks.

Point to point solution

To minimize risk and increase safety in the store, here are some tips. These can be divided into two categories: internal and external security.

In terms of internal security, there are 6 existing solutions.

At the physical level of the company, it is necessary to minimize the liquidity of the cash. Secondly, caution must be exercised in the development of commercial space. The room should also be well lit, and finally the back door and window openings should be repaired.

In terms of talent, special attention must be paid to studying the behavior of people inside and outside the store. All employees must also be involved in the monitoring and safety processes, as safety is everyone’s business.

In terms of external security, this means strengthening the quality of the means of protection. 4 action items are expected. The installation of metal curtains and crash pads is the basic action. The next logical step is to have good lighting, whether it’s for a parking lot, storefront or the surrounding area. Finally, installing a fence sends a message to a potential thief that he or she is entering an enhanced security zone.

Of course, all these actions can lead to steps being taken with the competent authorities. Virtually every development of a room or area, such as building a fence, requires a building permit. The current accessibility standards must also be respected.

In conclusion

Ultimately, improving store safety is everyone’s business. Losses due to theft lead to a decrease in income and can have negative consequences. In the worst case, the activity may cease. Therefore, it must be vigorously rectified. Turning to a security agency like European Security Agency is the most appropriate solution. The result can only be fast and reliable.

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