Secure your premises and events

Our mission is to implement, by your side, the solutions adapted to your expectations.

Our guarantees

What European Security guarantees.


Trust us with your security

Our service company is at your disposal for your events, but also for your companies throughout the year, we can meet all your security needs. All our agents are trained, qualified and certified, which allows us to meet all the requirements of private security.

A tailor-made security service

We set up specific solutions to meet all your expectations.

Our qualified and experienced staff in various fields such as reception, telephone call management, dispatching, administrative assistance, event management, etc. ensures you an optimal quality of our services.

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Customized solutions

We develop individual solutions adapted to the specific situation of each client and invest continuously in the training of our teams, their professionalism and their performance.


What we offer

Our sales team remains at your disposal for any questions you may have. Do not hesitate to contact us and we will answer you as soon as possible by email or phone.

Security in your hotels

Our staff is specially trained for the safety and well-being of your customers and visitors. In addition, they are also used to receiving, welcoming and accompanying important people.

Store monitoring

A security guard working in a commercial area carries out surveillance work and exercises a mission of prevention and/or dissuasion in order to avoid theft, malicious acts or hold-ups. It also helps to reassure customers and staff.

Event security

European Security ensures the surveillance of your events as well as the rigorous control of people according to your request and your criteria. Our agents are trained to handle conflict while remaining diplomatic.

Construction site monitoring

At the entrance of buildings or public spaces, the security guard ensures the protection of goods and people. He enforces the rules of the site he supervises.

A single contact for your security a direct number

Our team works directly with each of our clients to provide a security service tailored to your needs and requirements. In order to guarantee optimal security, we invest the human and material means necessary for each mission.

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Our latest security projects

Find here some of our recent security projects for stores, events and others.


Leave us a message

For all your questions, concerns or requests for quotes, please contact us or write to us.


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